He Remains


My health may fail.

I would say that most people worry about their health. How can we not? To lose one’s health is an inevitable and painful truth of life. We fear it; and many of us struggle with the realities of it every day.

Psalms is a very poetic book, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t speak the truth of what happens in our lives. In fact, it does so very often, and I see the beginning of this verse as a striking example.

“Health,” the psalmist says. “It doesn’t last.”

My spirit may grow weak.

Then he moves beyond the physical. Those five words strike a chord with me. This could mean a lot of things, but ultimately, who hasn’t felt weak in spirit? Perhaps this reminds you of those days when the thought of tomorrow is overwhelming. Maybe it brings to mind struggle against temptation, and the feeling that you aren’t strong enough to fight it. We know what it means to be weak in spirit, and the psalmist knows it too.

Our health may fail. Our spirits may grow weak. When we can no longer rely on these things, what can we turn to?

But God remains the strength of my heart.

We can’t rely on ourselves; the psalmist has laid that out for us. But when everything else fails us, God is still there. He is our strength! To trust in our own strength is folly, but to trust in God’s is hope and life! There are painful realities in this life, but this statement is just as real as any of them. No matter what comes our way, if we are a child of God, we face nothing alone.

Our God is strong. Stronger than our fears. Stronger than our pain. Whatever troubles you face, God is bigger than any of them. And through it all, He remains.

He is mine forever.

Maybe you’re wondering what the point of this was. After all, you already got to read the entire verse at the beginning! I think that too often, though, we rush through the Bible. We forget to slow down and take time to absorb what it has to say.

This particular verse, once I took the time to slow down, truly spoke to my heart. We face things, the verse says. Hard things. But God is with us every step of the way. He never leaves us; He remains our strength, our hope, our Father.

And He is ours and we are His, forever.

Five Years of Blogging

Five incredible years. Here and gone, so quickly.

keyboardWhen I first started blogging, I wasn’t thinking much about the future. I was feeling inspired, I’d written a handful of articles, and I wanted to share them. Just like that, my first blog was born.

Last year, I was definitely thinking about the future! My view count grew steadily each year, and I had high hopes for 2015. Little did I know what was to come.

I am ashamed to say that I have published an underwhelming seven articles so far this year. I know that no one’s keeping track, but this blog is very important to me. To think that I have let something so important to me get so little of time is unpleasant, to say the least.

This year has been a weird one for me. I may not have put much work into the blog, but I know that God has been working in my life. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.

So, in the past year, I’ve written quite a few articles on how I was sorry I hadn’t been writing and I would pick it back up. Well, I was certainly sorry, but apparently I never followed through on getting back to writing. I hope this year is different. This blog is a blessing, and you, my dear reader, are a blessing, one I’m not willing to neglect any longer.

So… until next time!


He Is With Us

God is with us in our darkest nights, in our deepest pain, in our most hopeless situations.

He will never leave us nor forsake us.

When our circumstances threaten to crush us, He is there, bearing the weight.

As a flood of emotion threatens to pull us away, He takes hold of our hand.

In the darkest night, there is still light...

In the darkest night, there is still light…

In life, happiness is fleeting, but true joy comes from the Father. And it is a joy that can outlast anything we may go through.

This post started out very differently. I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain, anger, and sorrow lately. It would be so easy to get on here and just complain, but as I sat down to write, I knew I couldn’t do that.

So what to write? I went back to the basics. These are things that I know to be true, and they were truths that I needed to hear. Maybe you needed to hear them too.

Life is rarely easy, but we do not face it alone. It isn’t difficult to get lost in our problems and to forget that God is with us. The storm may be fearsome, but He is greater, and He is pulling you through.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:38-39)

God bless you all!


Follow Me, a poem

Mountain trail

Follow Me, I’ll be your Guide

Through valley floors and mountainsides.

When life is up, I’m there, you know,

But when things are down, you’re still not alone.

Life will pull you left and right,

Leave you wounded, but deep inside

I’ll heal your wounds and mend your scars

And leave you stronger after all.

And when the path is hard to see,

Just hold my hand and follow Me.

You might stumble and you might fall,

But I’ll lift you up, and you’ll stand tall.

When you’re weary and can’t decide

Which path to take–which one is right?

I’ll light your path, if you take heed.

Just listen well and follow Me.

If you stay close by my side,

I will not promise an easy ride.

Instead, a path to better things,

And to the joy that I will bring.

While on the journey you will not see

What is to come and what will be.

But when you reach the other side,

You’ll see all that I had in mind.

 So if you’re willing to trust my plan,

To finish the story that I began,

Take the plunge, be all you can be,

Take my hand, and follow Me.


Surgery Update


Thank you for your prayers! Willow is doing much better.

Originally posted on The Willow Is Poofy Blog:

Hello, all! I first want to thank everyone for your prayers; they meant so much to me!

Willow is doing very well. He hid under the bed for the first day after coming home, but he’s been out and about quite a bit now.

He has quite a lot of stitches in his nose. They ain’t pretty, but they don’t seem to bother him–and that is what’s important! They’ll take out the stitches in a couple of weeks, and we should find out the results of the biopsy next week. Please be praying that this is a simple infection, and not cancer.


The only problem at the moment, surprisingly, is Sofie. She’s always been the most amiable of the three. She’ll lick Willow’s head if he gives her the opportunity. She also loves to play with both Willow and Amber. (Willow seems to enjoy it; Amber would make you think…

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Prayer Request: Surgery


Please be praying for Willow tomorrow!!

Originally posted on The Willow Is Poofy Blog:

Hello, everyone. I’m here to ask for prayer for the oldest of my sweet kitties, Willow.

WillowWillow has had problems with his nose for several years. For a while, it just got bigger (which was cute, in a way). He would have seasonal allergies, but nothing serious. These past few months, however, he’s had an increasingly difficult time breathing. We finally brought him to the vet last week, and we’ve decided to bring him in for surgery.

WillowTomorrow morning (that would be Thursday) we’ll bring him in. He’ll have the surgery at some point later in the day. Basically, they’re just going to go in and take out whatever’s been growing in his nose. Pray that the surgery goes well and that he recovers quickly! Also pray that this is nothing serious. It could just be an infection, which we can easily fix with medicine. Or it could be cancer…

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One Person

Many bloggers, I would say, are out to make a difference. For the most part, people don’t start a blog and attempt to hide it from the world. People blog so that their voice can be heard. Blogging is an opportunity to share your ideas, your message, your thoughts with a potentially huge audience.

That being said, we often don’t get that huge audience we’re looking for. With a lot of hard work, our readership grows over time, but not as much as we would like. That’s just how it works.

Before long, we find that our ideas are only being heard by a few. And as much as we appreciate those few, sometimes it’s hard not to wonder if it’s all worth it. Is the effort of putting our thoughts out there for the world to see really worth it if the world isn’t listening?

It’s very easy to get bogged down in this sort of thinking. And as many of you know, my solution to it has always been simple. I tell myself, if the words I say have made a difference to one person, then it’s all worth it. That thinking has helped me to continue blogging, and I have been blessed to ultimately have, I hope, made a difference to many people!

This is something I’ve been saying for a long time, but there was one thing that never occurred to me until today. If I apply this way of thinking to my blog, why don’t I apply it to my everyday life?

If blogging is at times frustrating and depressing, life is even more so! Over the past few years, when I interact with others, I’ve put a lot of effort into making a difference in their day. Sometimes I’m sharing my ideas. Some days I’m trying to be a friend to someone in need. There are times when I just listen. There are times when I try to offer comfort and hope.

And there are times when I wonder if it’s all worth it.

When it feels like no one is listening...

When it feels like no one is listening…

I can put a lot of effort into the lives of those around me, and many times, it feels like I’m not really doing anything. Like no one cares that I care. And if no one cares, what is the point?

And then I’ll have a day like today. When someone cares enough to stop and tell me that I made a difference to them. It’s a beautiful thing. And as I thought it over, I realized something.

We can go through our lives striving to make an impact wherever we go, and get very little response. Most people won’t show appreciation. Very often, it’s hard to tell if they even noticed. But then there will be that one person who takes the time to say thank you.

Thank you for just listening when I needed a friend.

Thank you for reaching out to me when no one else did.

Thank you for encouraging me when life was hard.

And when that one person says “thank you”, that’s all that matters. If, through all my effort, I made a difference in the life of one person, that is a beautiful thing. It makes it all worth it.

Those people will come. It won’t be very often, but the fact that they do come is enough of a reason to keep going.

So today, I would just like to encourage you to keep going. Even when nothing seems to matter, even when you can’t see that you’re making a difference–you are. And even if it’s only one person who is touched by what you do, that one person is enough.

Finally, when people don’t notice, when the gratitude doesn’t come, remember that God sees. And He matters more than anyone.