Goal Two:

Here it is:

Today, if you feel the slightest bit bored, get up and and look out the window. Even better, go outside. Appreciate God’s creation; marvel at his ultimately awesome creativity.

Why? Because so often we say we’re bored, but do you know what we’re practically saying when we say that? We’re saying God’s creation is boring, dull, etc., because we’re surrounded by that, and since we’re bored, we’re calling everything around us boring. But look at everything around you! Imagine being surrounded by darkness, and suddenly, you had this idea to make a rose. You create a seed, put in in the soil (which, by the way, you invented too), and watch it grow according to your command, drinking in the sunlight, air, and rain. Is that creative or what?! If you really think about it, it should be impossible to be bored with all this around us!

Again, we’re surrounded by a totally awesome world; all God’s creation. Look at the stars tonight. Imagine their size, their brightness; then imagine God saying, “Hey, let’s put a star here.” How can we be bored with that?!

If you aren’t quite grasping what I’m saying, do this: get a sheet of paper (the thinner the better), find a site online that has free origami instruction sheets, and try to make something. The harder the better. Why do it? When you create something, you’ll realize the effort you had to put into it. Of course, it’s pretty different from what God did. This is just folding paper into cool shapes. But by doing this, hopefully, you’ll realize just how creative God had to be to make creation.



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