New Sight

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down, try seeing things through God’s eyes. Of course, no one knows exactly what God thinks, but I can tell you one thing:

God is proud of you.

You might be thinking, “God? Proud of me?! No way.” But God is proud of you; He loves you, and He’s there for you all the time. I’m not saying God is congratulating us all the time and is oblivious to our mistakes. No way. But He loves, and He doesn’t love you any less if you mess up somewhere, and it’s impossible for Him to love you more than He already does! Yes, He is disappointed with us sometimes, like when, instead of reading your Bible, you play your Xbox or Wii or get on the computer. But God thinks your awesome. I’m not trying to make you feel full of yourself, but when you don’t feel too happy, remind yourself what God is full of: Forgiveness and Love.

God rocks!



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