Totally 4 God

Are you completely and totally for God, or are you for people too? A simpler way to ask that question would be to say: are you a people-pleaser, or a God-pleaser? The ultimate answer is: be a God-pleaser.

But we aren’t always. Sometimes we might wear something that’s “in” so we can fit in with the cool group, but God’s up there shaking his head. When we get off the computer to read our Bible, God gives us a thumbs up! So who do you want to congratulate you; God, or people?

It should be an obvious answer; who wouldn’t want God to be the one saying, “Great job!”? But sometimes we miss the point, and we do something God would say “no” to because it seems fun, cool, exciting, or new. But our life here is short; our life with God can be eternal. He’s our heavenly Father; I totally want a thumbs up from Him!

So next time when you need to make a choice between 4 God or 4 people, what are you going to do? I hope you go “4” God, and an early congrats if you do! It takes strength, courage, and trust, but God can supply you with all of those. So “Go God”!



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