Some People Think….

Some people think…or in this case teens….or to be even more precise, Christian teens, think that when they become adults, they should have a Christian job. You know, like become a missionary, pastor, youth pastor, etc., or marry one. But that is totally wrong. Now, it is awesome if you do become a missionary (etc.) but you don’t have to. Do you see what I mean? The world not only need missionaries and pastors, it needs Christian engineers, librarians, computer whiz…..anything. God doesn’t limit your options; He expands them.

Some people think they have to be outcasts, as Christian. That, also, is wrong. If your group of friends, however, do stuff like go to R rated movies and drink or whatever, yes, you want to be an outcast. In fact, if you have friends like that, as a Christian, it’s your responsibility to change your friends, or find better ones. Ones that will lift you up and encourage you in your faith. Those are the best kind of friend you can have. So, again, you don’t have to be an outcast, but you shouldn’t follow the crowd, because, often, the crowd does the wrong thing, which is……well, wrong.

Some people think Christians are boring, weird, and crazy. They might have been led to think that by people who claim they’re Christians but aren’t, or are simply assuming this. Don’t let these people think that. Show them, through your love and kindness, that Christians aren’t boring/weird/crazy/etc.

Some people may think these things, but these things may not be true. Be strong in God.



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