Goal Fourteen:

Goal Fourteen:

The Bible says in several verses that we should be joyful in our….well, joy. Easy, huh? Well, it also says to be joyful in our sorrows. Now you say, “Huh?!” How can we be joyful in our sorrows? They’re sorrows, helloooooo? Honestly, it’s hard. Yet, if you’re a child (er, teen) in God, you have an unlimited guarantee: God will always, always change the bad things for good. You may not see it at the time, but you just have to learn how to trust in God.

So here’s the goal(s) for the week: Read the first and last chapter of Job in the Old Testament (now that was a guy who seriously trusted in God through serious trouble and sorrows!!!!), and, when a trial comes this week (I know one will, we all have trials), think about the paragraph above. Trust God; he’ll take you through, and it’ll turn out better in the end.




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