Goal Seventeen

Goal Seventeen:

Today, I challenge you to help someone. It could be a big thing, or just a little thing. Say a little thing, like washing the dishes. It takes, what, fifteen minutes at the most, usually less. Imagine your mom/dad/siblings…everyone being gone on errands, and you’re the only one home. Instead of getting on the internet (unless it’s to look at this), try doing the dishes while they’re gone! Your mom will be pleased and happy, trust me. But the even better thing to do? When she comes home, don’t say, “Mom, I did the dishes!” Wait for her to find out and exclaim over it! Even better: if you get an allowance, tell your parents one week not to pay you. Say, “Helping you out with chores is reward enough for me”. And it should be! So good luck with it!



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