Goal Twenty:

Goal twenty:

Question: are we using are abilities to best serve God? For example, if you can sing very well, are you singing as part of your worship team or singing along with secular songs? If you can dance well, what kind of music do you dance to? If you can play an instrument well, what kind of music do you play? You get the idea. But really, ask yourself that. What can you do that you can not only do well, but you think has an impact on your life? What impact would you think is better? The former, or the latter? It’s a lot to think about, but it’s good sometimes to just take a moment, sit, and think…don’t use every spare moment to text your friend or call your buddy. Just sit, relax, and think. Only, as I said in Goal Eighteen (https://theteentheme.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/goal-eighteen/), keep an eye on what you think! 😉

Question yourself; you might come up with more answers than you even realize you know.



2 thoughts on “Goal Twenty:

    • Thanks! You know, honestly, there’s really not that much to it (I mean, writing the goals, not doing the goals; there’s a lot to doing it!). I just write from my heart; I think about what we could do to make ourselves better, happier, and more pleasing to God.


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