Goal Twenty-one:

Goal twenty-one:

Do you ever have those moments where: you’re home alone and feeling scared? Most of us would like to say this never happens, but don’t lie to yourself! Even if you can’t remember the last time you experienced it, there’s no telling whether or not such a thing could happen tomorrow! But, my point is, when times like this come, and you’re convinced you’re all alone (because there’s no else in the house except the cat, right? Right?), remind yourself you aren’t. God is always with you. Always! Even if you forget He’s there, He’s watching over you and keeping you safe. The fact that He’s there can be more comforting than you can imagine when you’re frightened (take it from someone with experience!).  Try having a chat with Him next time you feel scared. And if you think praying to Him is awkward, don’t close your eyes and fold your hands! Yes, it’s kind of a expression of respect, but God would love it if you talked to Him whether you closed your eyes or not! So give it a try next time you’re scared; He’ll help you through it!



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