Goal Twenty-nine:

Goal twenty-nine:

Thanksgiving is here! But, honestly, do we really get the point of Thanksgiving? There are a lot of “bonuses” to this holiday nowadays. Most importantly to most teens, including me–I won’t deny it!–, is the time we get off from school or anything else you’re ready to get a break from. If you have a job, there’s that too. And, even though that’s all fine and good, great in fact, consider the name: Thanksgiving. Split it into two parts: Thanks. Giving; Give. Thanks. It’s a tradition that’s been carried on for a long time–literally since the beginning of America (I don’t know whether or not that’s where you live, but even if you don’t live in the US, it’s always a good time to give thanks!), but I’m sure you know that. But even so, it’s more than a tradition. It should be a special time between us and God. Take the chance to thank Him for everything He’s done in your life whether it’s big or small. You have no idea how thankful He is when you do that! So take some time–five minutes, half an hour, it doesn’t matter!–to just be with Him and thank him for what He’s done.



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