Goal Thirty-one:

Goal thirty-one:

I know that lately some of my goals haven’t really seemed like…well, goals. But in a way they are. I may not say “Today’s goal is” or “I challenge you to…”, but, without saying it, I’m challenging you to apply what I’m putting in the goals to your life.
Today’s goal is about spreading the Word. We all have friends or family, close or not, that don’t know or aren’t willing to accept Christ. They hear it all around them–various people will encourage them to come to the Lord, but sometimes, the truth is, they don’t. And sometimes, it’s up to you to tell them. But there are so many things we tell ourselves to avoid doing this. Things like “But God, surely someone else will do it! Does it have to be me?” or “Well, if I try to tell them they’ll withdraw and I’ll ruin my chance. Maybe it will be better off waiting.” All these things are just ways you, consciously or not, use to stall. In fact, your friend/family member might accept Christ simply because they’re hearing it from you. It may not seem to make a difference whether you or your pastor does it, but your friends and family know you. They’ll surely hear you out, and when they do…well, only God knows from there.
So, I’m not going to use the word “challenge” today (except for the couple in quotation marks 😉 ). I’m just going to let you read this, think it over, and decide what to do from there. You can decide to make a difference, or wait for someone else to.



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