Goal Thirty-two:

Goal thirty-two:

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what hypocrisy means. “A pretending to be what one is not, or to feel what one does not. A pretense of virtue, piety, etc.” So, more or less, being fake–a phony. Pretending to feel something for a certain reason when you don’t really. We’ve all been hypocrites at some point or another: telling someone not to do something and then doing it later; telling someone you feel a certain way when on the inside, you feel completely different. Hypocrisy is no different than lying. We make up reasons and try to convince ourselves that it’s okay, and it usually works. But when you feel that temptation, hold yourself back! It isn’t worth it, and you’ll usually feel guilty in the end. In fact, when you manage to overcome the temptation to lie/be a hypocrite, it feels great! So give it a shot: stand against those temptations and let God do the rest!


One thought on “Goal Thirty-two:

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