Goal Thirty-three:

Goal thirty-three:

What do we do in our week as Christians? To you, does being a Christian mean going to church on Sunday and then just do regular stuff for the rest of the week? Or are you an “all the time Christian”. It is, of course, better to be an all the time Christian. God wants us to spend all our time with Him, to be committed to Him, and to love Him. But how are we supposed to do this if we ignore him all week except for church? Truthfully, a church-only Christian isn’t really a Christian. The true purpose of being a Christian is being in a relationship with God. Does a one-day–more like one hour–relationship sound like the kind of one God wants? I didn’t think so. So today (or this week, or this month, or this year!) I challenge you to draw closer in your relationship with God. No matter what you do, think of the phrase “what would Jesus do?” and apply it to everything.



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