Goal Thirty-six:

Goal thirty-six:

😉 I’m about to write a very strange comparison…just to warn you:
Let’s say you like to sing in the shower. Why? In my opinion, it would probably be for a few different reasons. One, maybe you simply want privacy when you sing! Two, maybe you’re just too embarrassed to do it in front of other people; not sure if you’ll do it “right”. But I want to focus on the second reason, because here is where the comparison comes in:
Let’s say you tell someone about salvation. But how are you going to do it if you’re too embarrassed? There will almost always be other people around, watching, wondering what you’re doing–just like when you’re singing. Maybe you wonder “Am I telling it “right”? Maybe I should let someone else do it”. Or maybe there isn’t anyone else around when you receive the opportunity. Maybe you’re simply afraid of what the person you are witnessing to will think of you! This is what Satan is putting in  you heart. He wants to fill it with fear, uncertainty, until you don’t bother telling anyone about God and salvation at all. If it comes to this, he has won.
But it doesn’t have to come to that! Just be brave. When God is backing you, who can bring you down? No one! So I challenge you not to be afraid. God is with you!



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