Goal Thirty-seven:

Goal thirty-seven:

Facebook. A great way to talk and get updates on things and just have a good time. How many friends do you have on it? Maybe you just have 10, or 15–just the group of your closest BFs, right? But then, maybe you have 300, 500–more than a thousand, even? If you belong to the first group, you probably know everyone on your friends list well. You probably hang out with them at least once a week, I’m sure, or at least would if you could. However, if you belong to the second group, you probably just acquaintances with half of–who am I kidding?! Your group of close friends is probably the same as the first person’s, give or take a few. So, think that over. At the most (or is it?), that’s like 1/100–a lot, to be precise. Not that anything’s wrong with that, but I want you to compare them for a moment. Think of one of your closest friends, and then think of someone that you see pretty often, but you wouldn’t exactly call them a “BF”. Do you see the difference? The first person, if he/she was a good friend, would stand up for you no matter what the situation is. No matter what happens, you know you got them by your side. The other friend is probably good for sharing a laugh, but when you need a friend the most, they’re probably no where in sight.
Have you ever made a list that had all the qualities you thought a good friend should have? Personally, I would list a few like “funny, honest (but not too honest!!!), caring”. Think about what you would put on your dream friend list. Do you have a friend that matches most of them? I doubt that they could live up to the whole thing (especially if you put both “quiet” and “chatterbox” on it!!!), but doing this will help you realize that you have a friend that is someone you can not only have a great time with, but someone you trust. Not every one of the thousand on your friends list on Facebook is going to be like that. Most likely just one, or two.
Some people say they don’t need friends. I say we do. They may not be at the top, among God, food, family and such, but I’m sure they’d be among the top ten. A good friend can be defined in many different ways, since it depends on your standards. If you haven’t found your BF yet, I pray that person will come into your life very soon. If you already have a best bud, rejoice! God has given you an amazing, wonderful gift.
So, my goal for today isn’t exactly clear, I know. I’m not asking you to do anything, just to think. As you’ve read this, I hope I’ve stirred your heart a bit. Friendship is a priceless blessing from above–don’t treat it lightly.



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