Goal Forty

Goal forty:

Sometimes we find ourselves thinking, “You know, I really want to please God and do something for him, but do I really need to do it right now? I mean, come on, can’t I wait until I’m older? Then I can really please God.” Well, have you ever heard of something called procrastinating? The definition is: “putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time”. Now, you probably have heard this word before, but have you thought of how it can apply here? I mean, sure, you might be able to do other things once you have moved out the house and gotten a job, but you can do something now. You don’t have to wait. Have you ever thought of the fact that you might not get a chance in the future? I know I haven’t discussed the rapture or the Tribulation before (which I will try to do soon), but they are real, very real, and the time for them to pass is coming. Don’t you want to make an impact? To bring someone to Christ? There is no point in waiting; there is no excuse, no saying: “I don’t have to do it yet, I’m too young!” Have you ever thought of the fact that you complain that your parents treat you like a little kid, and yet in situations like this you grasp your age and use it as an excuse to avoid doing something? This is the worst example. Being an “ambassador” for Christ is the last thing you should be trying to avoid. The time is now. It’s not tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. You know how when you procrastinate you never get around to doing it? This is the exact case where you need to not be procrastinating, you need to be out there and spreading the word. I cannot stress the importance of it. Allow me to be frank. If a person isn’t saved, they’re going to Hell. A place where they spend eternity in pain, without God. Eternity = forever. Forever = never-ending. We’ve all experienced pain. Multiply that pain by the highest number you can think of, and imagine suffering that forever. You know what? Hell is worse. But you can make a difference. You can stop people from going down that road. You can lead them down the path to Heaven, to eternity without pain, with God. Think of the happiest moment in your life, and multiply that by the highest number you can think of, and imagine an eternity of that (not to mention with God!). Heaven is better than that. Way better. Don’t you want to share it?


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