Goal Forty-two:

Goal forty-two:

The icon says it all. Jesus died for us. Can you imagine how much you’d have to love someone, to care about someone, to actually die for them? It wasn’t easy for Him–never think that. When Jesus came down to earth, when he was crucified, he was human. He felt the pain, the agony; He felt the weight of the world’s sins heaped onto his shoulders. It wasn’t just the sin that had occurred until that time–it was all the sin that had ever been, that was then, and will be. That’s why we get the wonderful gift of salvation.

But sometimes, we don’t really “walk the walk”, you know? Being human, it is physically impossible for us to be perfect, but sometimes we use that as an excuse. How, you ask? Well, we might say, “You know, I know I really shouldn’t do that, but I’m just human, right? I can’t help sinning.” That is the lie Satan wants you to believe. True, it’s impossible for us to never sin, but it is possible for us to put effort into not sinning. We can’t use the fact that we will sin eventually as an excuse to say that it’s okay to sin right now because we will sooner or later. That’s totally wrong!

So, the icon says, “He DIED For You; Why Not LIVE For Him?” God made the ultimate sacrifice, and all he asks is one small thing in return: that we live our lives in the best way we can, in a Godly way. Compared to what Jesus did for us, it suddenly doesn’t sound that hard, does it? We need to “kill” our old selves when we become Christians. We can’t say “I’m a Christian” and still live the same way we always have. It doesn’t work that way. When you start living your life in the fullest, and start following the path God meant you to follow, you find your life enriched, you’ll find peace, and you’ll find happiness.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? I challenge you to set aside what your flesh desires, and start doing what God desires. Live for Him.


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