Just…and Merciful?

Our God is a God of justice and mercy…but wait…do those go together? Being just is when you give someone what they deserve or not giving them what they don’t deserve. Being merciful is giving someone what they don’t deserve and not giving them what they do deserve. How can God be both?

Well, if you think about it, we’re “both” of something all the time. We love/hate something at the same time. We’re happy yet sad at the same time. Sometimes we give people what they deserve and sometimes we’re…merciful?

Starting to see the connection?

So remember, God loves you, but he’s just. Just like when you disobey your parents and they ground you, God will “ground” you when you mess up, whether it’s something other people know about or not.

Yet, at the same time, sometimes our parents forgive us and let it go “just this once”. Sometimes God does that too! When we repent and tell God “I know I messed up and I’m not going to do it again,” He has the power to forgive you. Keep that in mind.



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