Goal Forty-four:

Goal forty-four:

Believe it or not, sometimes we fall for that horrible lie. What lie is that? That we are insignificant creatures, meaningless dots on the time line–not even dots! But that is so far from the truth!!! In God’s eyes, we are special/wonderful/His. If God thinks we are special, who can argue? People may tell you that you’re going to live and die, and the world won’t know the difference. If you choose to follow that path, that certainly can be true. But it’s not the path God has set out for you. It’s like having clear directions but when we’re told to turn right, we turn left; when we’re told we’ve reached our destination, we keep on going. But who would do that?! Isn’t the entire goal to reach the destination? God has an amazing destination for you, and He has given you the directions. Though they may not always be clear, if you go to Him and ask Him which way to go, He will help you find your way. God has great plans for your life! Just block out those lies and let Him lead.



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