Goal Forty-five:

Goal forty-five:

Even if you don’t notice it, people are watching you. Wherever you go, someone will glance at you and is likely to be influenced by you. It could be the clothes you’re wearing, the way you are talking to your parents, the way you treat your parents–whatever it is, someone is seeing it. Believe it or not, you are a role model. Probably just to kids younger than you, but depending on the way you act/dress/etc., you might even be an influence on those older than you. Now, you have to admit, this puts a pretty big weight on our shoulders. At least, it should. We should care that when we do something, those around us will be led to believe that it’s okay to do that. Let’s hope it is, but if it’s not, shouldn’t we stop doing that? Even if we are led in the false belief that it’s okay that we do a certain thing, it’s an entirely different situation when we are doing something wrong and at the same time causing those around us to do the same. We need to influence others to do good, not vice versa, and to do that we need to start changing the way we act.



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