Goal Forty-six:

Goal forty-six:

Sometimes we can really be weighed down by our sin. We shouldn’t allow that to happen. Although we shouldn’t ignore sin, we should make sure it’s not destroying our lives. Jesus came to take away our sins; we are still going to sin–everyone does. However, we have been forgiven.
Sometimes we feel like we’ve done the worst thing. And, really, it may not be that terrible. It’s just a certain situation and a certain point in our lives and we commit that certain sin, and it becomes an unimaginable burden to us. We feel like we’ve just crossed the line. That God can’t forgive us anymore. But that’s where we’re wrong.
God can always forgive us! Although he might be grieved by what we’ve done, He can still forgive us and welcome us back into His arms. Our God is a merciful God. He loves us, and nothing can change that.
So never forget: although we need to repent for our sins, it isn’t something that should make us feel unloved, unforgiven by God. God will always love us, always forgive us. Always.



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