Goal Forty-seven

Goal forty-seven:

The ten commandments…hmm, let’s see, there’s: Don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t covet, and don’t murder, to name a few. Some of these are harder than others to follow (but hopefully you’re acing the test on “don’t steal”!), but even if we slip up a few times, we know it’s wrong to do these “don’ts”. And yet, there is a clear instruction in the midst of this. What is it? “Honor your mother and father.” Now, be honest. How many times have we slipped up here? Okay, okay, it’s a rhetorical question–it would take forever for you to come up with a number! But that’s the truth for many of us, isn’t it? Although it is the nature of our flesh to not be perfect, sometimes we purposely disobey/dishonor/lie to/etc. our parents. And it’s wrong. We get mad at them sometimes, yes (who doesn’t get mad at someone at some point in their lives?), but when we start to dishonor them purposely with a wrong intention in our hearts, we’ve sinned. An obvious show of disobedience, a dishonorable attitude, even just a face made when they’re not looking–all of these can be avoided, if we make the effort. When we do so, we’ll find a burden (sometimes one we didn’t even know was there!) lifted from our hearts and that spot will be replaced with joy. Our parents have authority over us; that’s simply the way things are. And someday, hopefully, you’ll be a parent, and you’ll realize how thankful your parents were about your attitude change. Either that, or you’ll wish you had done so. Your parents love you; they’ve given you a place in their hearts and home. Can’t you do something in return?


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