Goal Forty-eight

Goal forty-eight:

Peer pressure; it’s a horrible thing. You may be shocked to find out just how much we are influenced by it. Although at the time, even if you avoided whatever you had been pressured to do, it still sticks with you. At that moment, your friends had placed a seed of doubt in your heart. Even if you know it’s wrong to do, this seed will sprout. It’ll grow, and before long, you will notice it. By then, you might think whatever that was might not be too bad after all. This is a horrible lie.
Still, since this happens even if you avoid the peer pressure at the time, you wonder, “How can I avoid it?”. There are two answers. One, find different friends! If you feel peer pressure from your so-called “friends” they aren’t really friends at all. Friends should either respect your opinion or agree with it, especially if it’s an important topic. Even if they disagree with your opinion, a true friend wouldn’t pressure you to do something they know you believe is wrong. If they don’t know, tell them!
The other answer is the Bible. God’s Word is your strongest defense. It’s the mightiest shield (and the strongest sword, too!). Read the Bible. It will encourage you, and help you resist peer pressure. Also, go to God in prayer when you need someone to pour your heart out to. He listens, and understands, and if you ask, He will help you through anything.
So don’t let your “friends” drag you down. Stand up for yourself! God is right behind you, backing you up.


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