What Does Church Mean To You?

Just like the title says, what does church mean to you? Why do you go? Is it a place of worship or a social club? I’m going to give you a chance to think this over before I continue.

So what does church mean to us? Considering the second question, do we go willingly or are we dragged there by our parents? I sincerely hope it is not the latter. Going to church is an incredible opportunity that many of us take for granted, but I’m going to get into that later.

Considering the third question: Place of worship or Social club? Please take this question seriously. It ties in with the second question, “Why do you go?” What is our purpose in going to church? Is it because we want to study God’s Word and gain new understanding of it, or because it’s another chance to see your friends besides school or extra-curricular activities?

Moving back to the first question (I apologize for going out of order!), there really is more meaning to that than simply wanting to go or not. What. Does. Church. Mean. To. Us? Church can be a once/twice a week thing, on Sundays and/or Wednesdays, but do we even think about God at other times? Do we open our Bible at all, or does it just collect dust?

Church should be a place of worship, a place to study God’s Word, and a place of fellowship. Let me clear something up here–although church shouldn’t be a “social club”, it is still a good time to fellowship with other believers. “Fellowship” and “hanging out” are to completely different things.

Back to something I mentioned earlier, in the second paragraph: “Going to church is an incredible opportunity that many of us take for granted…” In most countries outside America, most people don’t get the opportunity to worship God freely, to study His Word with others–to even go to church! Too many of us teens have accepted church as an everyday thing, even a boring task that we’d rather not do. While we beg our parents to let us stay home from church “just this one time”, or sit in service/youth group, not really bothering to listen to the message and feeling completely bored, there are people who would give their life to have those things. We need to be grateful for this amazing gift God has given us.

I’ve challenged you with a lot of questions in this post. Take a minute of your time to think these things over–even better, take just fifteen minutes to read your Bible for a bit! If you don’t have a Bible, http://www.biblegateway.com/ provides Bible passages and an easy to understand search system, in case you’re looking for a specific passage or version. If you’d like, feel free to comment with any questions or insights you’d like to share.

Have a blessed day!


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