Give Thanks

Sometimes, we aren’t thankful. We may begin to get so caught up in saying, “Why can’t I have that?” or “Why do they get that?” or “Why can’t I have something better?” The list goes on and on. But, like I said, we get so focused on saying those things that we forget what we do have, what God has already blessed us with. We get so caught up in the fact that there are those who have something we don’t (and there will always be such a case) or have more than us, that we forget about the people who have less than us, and forget just how blessed we truly are.

Let’s start understanding just how many blessings God has poured upon us by making a short list. Although what God has given you varies for everyone, you will most likely recognize many of these things on the list–and also recognize that they are things we often take for granted.

1. Family. How many times do we take family for granted? How many times do we talk back to our parents? They are a blessing! There are many orphans in the world with no family at all. Think how blessed you are to have parents and (maybe) sibling who love you! If you’re adopted, you are doubly blessed that God stirred someone’s heart to take you into their family.

2. Home. Driving around, we often see homeless people on the street. How blessed we are that God has given us a home!

3. Food. You may complain when your mom sets a dish of broccoli in front of you, but don’t complain–whether you like broccoli or not, it’s better than starving! Besides, broccoli’s good for you!

4. Friends. People don’t have to be a member of your family to be there for you and help you have a good time. Thank you God for friends!

This is just a basic list of some very important blessings. Just think how many other, unique, blessings God has given you!!! Right now, I suggest thinking for a little while (make your own list, if you’d like!) to think over what blessings you have. You may be surprised! Now, remember, blessings come in all shapes and sizes. It may not necessarily be a material thing. It may be a miraculous occurrence (example: family member surviving fatal illness, a good friend coming into your life, getting picked for the starring role in the school play, etc.).

Are you done with your list? Now there’s just one more step: Give Thanks! Tell God how thankful you are for all the blessings he has given you. He loves to hear! It’s also a good chance for a little “God and You (or me, depending on how you’re looking at it) Time”.


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