What Would Jesus Do?

WWJD. It’s a pretty well-known phrase that stands for “What Would Jesus Do?” This phrase can actually help us maintain a good attitude throughout the week. “How?” you may ask. Well, let’s realize first that Jesus was without sin. He never did the wrong thing! So, if you do what Jesus would do, you’re living your life in a righteous way. “But you’re still not getting to the point!” You say. “How does doing what Jesus would do help us have a good attitude?” The answer? Although it may be hard to understand, doing the right thing can help us to have a positive outlook and relieve us from stress. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

So, I know this was a short post, but I’ve gotten to the point. Now I want to challenge you to try a few days with a “WWJD” attitude; you’ll get amazing results!


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