His Marvelous Creation

God’s creation is truly marvelous…it’s beauty, it’s intricacy…sometimes we don’t appreciate this. Have you ever considered how remarkable it is that a tiny little seed can become a magnificent tree? Or how amazing the birth of a baby is, the creation of new life? Or how the water cycle allows life-giving water to be recycled and fall from the sky as the beautiful thing we call rain? These are just a few of many astounding examples of how God displays His glory through His creation.

When we think of the most amazing aspects of His creation, what is the first thing that enters your mind? Maybe you think of that time when you walked over a bridge in front of a roaring waterfall, its mist creating a spectacular rainbow. Or perhaps you remember the time when your cat had her first litter of kittens, their little mews of surprise as they get their first glimpse of the outside world. But have we ever considered that a miracle of creation just might be something we consider…simple?

Yes, walking across the glaciers of Alaska and meandering up a steep mountain path may be thrilling, beautiful, and an obvious example of God’s creation. But have we ever thought about the complexity of a single blade of grass and how it grows? Or the way the earth’s magnetic field makes a compass work? These are simple, everyday things that we usually wouldn’t give a second glance. But why don’t we change that?

Today, I challenge you to look around you. Search out the little things in God’s creation that we tend to overlook, and just take a moment to think about it. God created these things for our pleasure. Why don’t you give it a shot?


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