The Purpose Of Being A Teenager

After much thought, I finally decided on titling this “The Purpose Of Being A Teenager”. Because that truly is the ultimate question: What is our purpose as teenagers? It’s also a tough question to answer. People have different views and opinions on this, and all I can do is give you what my answer to this question is in accordance to the Scripture.

All right, first off, I want to discuss the definition of purpose. The definition that makes the most sense in this case is “the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.” In this scenario, it would be the reason for which something exists. Why does this point between childhood and adulthood exist? What is its purpose?

Did You Know?
Did you know the word teenager wasn’t developed until the late 1940s? Since then, the world has gradually but surely changed its view of teenagers. The time in life when you’re 13 – 20 has gone from a launching pad toward adulthood to a desperate grasp to have a few more years of childhood. Teenagers are thought of as rebellious, sulking, rowdy, lazy, non-productive…you get the point. And the sad truth is, some of that lies in everyone. What do we do about it, though? These are extremely negative descriptions of teenagers, and sadly, many are happy to embrace these lies. We take the advantage of not being expected to do anything more than be lazy to be lazy; we hear that we are supposed to rebel against our parents so we become rebellious. The list goes on and on. The good news is, it is possible to fight back and become something better. This doesn’t have to describe us. We can become a Godly generation of teens.

I really think that is the first step to finding our purpose as teenagers. It’s never too late to change our lifestyle, especially when it’s for the better. And remember, if you ever need help, ask God to give you strength because He will.

So, in the end, the ultimate purpose of a teenager is to strive toward adulthood, strive to live for God, and strive to overcome the lie. The lie that’s says the only purpose of a teenager is to kick back, relax, and hope adulthood never comes. Because it will. But we can be prepared for it, and better: By the time adulthood comes, we can be at a point where we can be successful.

“Teenhood” (not a real word, but fitting!) is a time to grow even more in God and a time to put to use the wonderful, unique abilities he has given all of us. I challenge you to be strong and fight against the lie. God is with you!


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4 thoughts on “The Purpose Of Being A Teenager

    • Absolutely! I think that we as teenagers often don’t realize the power we have simply when we lead by example. God wants to do great things through us, but first we have to follow His call to be transformed in Him.


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