The Importance Of Friendship

Friends are an important part in our lives. They can give support; they can make you laugh; they can cheer you up when you’re feeling blue; they’ll listen when you’re talkative; they’ll care for you even when you make mistakes.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there isn’t any perfect friend (unless you lived 2000 years ago and hung out with Jesus). We all have our imperfections, but nevertheless, friends are a valuable aspect of our lives. However, sometimes we undermine the importance of friendship. And sometimes, like in other cases, we don’t appreciate them until they’re gone. Friends are something to love, appreciate, and cherish.

How many times have we snapped at or made fun of our friends? How often have we let a bully tease them while we stood by and watched, or even joined in? How many times have you clearly, without words, said, “You don’t mean anything to me. I don’t care about you. You’re not an important part of my life. I could easily live without you.” It’s not hard for your friends to see what you’re communicating, even if you aren’t doing it verbally.

Maybe, though, it’s the other way around. Perhaps an old friend has been ignoring you, or has been rude, or anything of the things listed above. It’s tough, dealing with that. When that situation comes, you need to ask God to help you deal with the problem. Then you need to confront your “friend”. You just need to tell that you don’t appreciate being ignore/being made fun of/etc., and you want them to stop. If they don’t, they aren’t the kind of people you should associate with anyway.

If you’re having problem making friends, be brave! Sometimes, you just need to say “hi” and start a conversation. Maybe you’ll discover you have a common interest, like drawing or playing football.

We need to realize that friends are a true gift from God; we need to treat them as such. Take the time to let your friends know they’re important to you. A simple “thanks for being my friend” or “you’re the best friend ever!” will make them feel happy to be your friend.


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