Living The Life

Let’s take a moment to consider what we spend our spare time doing. Do we get on the computer, play video games, go hang out with friends…I’m sure you could add on a few examples of your own. But why do we do these things? We may have a very worthwhile reason to get on the computer, or we might just be getting on to play some online games. Video games…they can be fun and a great way to pass the time, but do they really have a point? After you’ve finished, have you learned/accomplished anything? Unless it was passing the next level on your video game, not really. And hanging out with pals and strengthening your friendship is a great thing to do, but there are things that should come first.

One is family. How much time do we spend with our parents, or our siblings if we have any? Are meals the only time you see them? Do you spend any quality time with your mom and dad? I encourage you to try and do so.

Second, what do we accomplish every day? Although it may be fun at times to get on the computer, it gets boring and unsatisfying, and life becomes kind of pointless. The good news is, we can spend our days accomplishing things instead of doing nothing. It’s satisfying and rewarding; God’s plan for us is to be productive, not lazy.

So get off the computer!!! Look around and see what you can accomplish. Live the life God wants you to live!



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