Teen Hardships

We go through some hard times as teenagers. It can be difficult at times and annoying at others. It can be tough when adults sometimes think of us as kids and other times tell us to “act your age”. It’s confusing, and can be very stressful. Also, as a teenager, we face many temptations that those younger and older than us don’t yet or no longer experience or things that wouldn’t tempt them anyway.

What do we do when this happens? You have probably guessed the answer. We can go to God with all our problems. Our parents come next. Remember, they were teenagers once too and went through the same thing. They’ve also had more experience, and will be able to help you through hardships we face as teens. We may be tempted to go to our friends before our parents, but I strongly suggest doing it in this order: God, then parents, then friends; parents and friends will give you immediate advice, but God won’t verbally answer your question. You’ll need to read His Word, and wait, and listen. He will help you through difficult times. Always.



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