Think Before You Think!

How many times have we blurted out exactly what we were thinking, and ended up getting ourselves in trouble and/or hurting someone’s feelings? We could all say for sure that we have done so at least once. Now, most of us know that it’s better to “think before we speak”, but sometimes it just slips out, right? One way to fix this problem may be simply trying not to open your mouth before you’ve considered the consequences of what you’re going to say. However, I believe the root of the problem is not your tongue (as in, what we say), but our thoughts.

You see, when we blurt something out, we say something we thought. And truly, if it’s something you wouldn’t want people to hear, why think it? Besides, one person does hear it. God. So, even if we do manage to put on a front and just say nice things, if we’re thinking dirty thoughts, God knows, and it’s just as bad as saying it aloud.

It’s not easy. Have you ever had anyone say to you, “don’t think of an elephant!” and suddenly all you can think of are elephants? It’s kind of like that. But whenever you think a bad thought, just kick it out! Sometimes, it helps me to actually think, get out of my head!, or if I’m alone I say it out loud. There are a lot of different ways. I challenge you to find yours, and start kicking those bad thoughts out! God’s rooting you on!


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