Parents of Teenagers

Remember being a  kid? Sharing everything with Mommy and Daddy, having fun with them, and not embarrassed to hold their hands in public. So, what happens when we become teenagers? Why is it that we’ve started talking back to our parents and begun to be embarrassed to even be around them when there are other people around?

1. Peer pressure. What would you do if your friends started making fun of your relationship with your parents? You may try to defend yourself for a while, but before long, you’ll begin to think like they do. You’ll wonder, “Why do I spend so much time with my parents? They’re so weird. I should spend more time with my friends.” In today’s culture, many teens think that, so it’s not difficult to be drawn into the same line of thoughts.

2. Media. Everything we see around us, from movies to books to magazines to things you watch on TV–many of them can give you the impression that being rude to our parents is a cool thing to do. We need to understand that it’s not.

These are just a couple examples. I encourage you to examine your life and find out what things you’re participating in or seeing/hearing that can cause you to create a gap between your parents.

The bottom line is that despite what the world says, God wants us to have a loving, strong relationship with our parents. “Honor thy father and mother” goes far beyond simply doing what you’re told.



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