Obeying Authority

When it comes to obeying authority, things can get pretty confusing. Of course, God is the ultimate authority, but then there’s the government, to our teachers, to our parents, to those bullies that try to tell you what to do. So, the first question is, which authority do we obey? The answer: at some point or another, all of them (excluding the bullies)! And when it comes to God, it is so not “at some point or another”. We need to obey God at every point in our lives, no matter how old we are, what we are doing, where we are, or who we are with. Also, God told us to obey those in charge, which includes everything I listed above and more (once again excluding the bullies!). God did make an exception, however. When the things those in charge tell us to do don’t agree with the Scriptures, God tells us not to obey them. Of course, deciding whether or not they disagree with the Scriptures should be considered very carefully, unless it’s blatantly obvious that it doesn’t. This is one of the reasons that when we accept Christ into our hearts, the Holy Spirit enters. The Spirit can help us make important decisions and tell right from wrong. And if it agrees with God’s Word, even more reason to obey it!

If you don’t quite understand, think of it this way: a dog will almost always obey his master without question (I know not all dogs do, but let’s just say this one does). Even if what the master tells the dog to do isn’t good for the dog’s, master’s, or another person’s well-being, he would still do it. We need to not be like the dog, and know the difference between the right and wrong thing, and act accordingly.

We always need to obey God. Thankfully, whatever he asks us to do only results in good!!!


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3 thoughts on “Obeying Authority

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  2. except that the abrahamic god is the biggest bullying going – worship me or else suffer eternal hell and torment.

    and governments should not be trusted either, but watchdogged.

    authority should be obeyed, but only as long as it tolerates questioning and participation of the citizens – otherwise – it’s a bully dictatorship

    trust no one until they demonstrate that they won’t abuse their authority and be bullies


    • As for your first point, God is not trying to force us into worshiping Him or not; if His intentions were to force us into that, He wouldn’t have given us free will. Also, He wants us to spend eternity with Him. The last thing He wants to happen to us is for us to go to hell. Everything God causes to happen in our lives is for our good, whether we realize it or not. I see that as the exact opposite of bullying.

      Not all governments do the right things all the time, but they are the authorities. When what they say or do goes against God’s Word, that’s when we need to get worried.

      I agree with your third point. Obeying the authorities shouldn’t mean dictatorship.

      Always trusting no one is on the extreme side, in my opinion. We just need to act wisely and do our best to follow God in all things.


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