Struggling Friendships

Struggling friendships are something that all of us have probably gone through at some point (perhaps more than once) and will most likely go through again. A strong friendship is one of the best things you can have, but it can sometimes be difficult to achieve.

Friendships can fall apart when your friends feels that they don’t mean anything to you or that their feelings and events in their life aren’t important to you. There are many others, but these to are probably the largest cause of crumbling friendships.

The obvious step is to show your friend that you care about them sincerely and enjoy their company. Your friend will feel treasured and enjoy the time they spend with you.

Sometimes the problem in friendships could be that you are finding fault in each other. The more often you’re with a person, the more of their faults you discover. This may lead to the feeling that they’re a bad friend, but everyone has faults, including yourself. The best thing to do when this occurs is to change yourself, instead of trying to change your friend. Of course, you can talk to your friend about what they’re doing that makes you feel uncomfortable or what you see in them that you think could be improved, but there’s no guarantee that they will change, and they might be insulted, so tread lightly if you follow that path.

In the end, the best thing to do is to nurture a strong and true friendship–that way you can avoid having to do with a crumbling friendship in the first place! It’s also not that hard to discuss with your friend what things you can do to remain friends forever. In fact, if you suggest doing this, your friend will most likely feel honored that you want to do what you can to strengthen your friendship.

Friends are true treasures! We need to value them as such.


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