Different “Faces”, Different Places

Have you ever come across a teen who acts like the perfect Christian at church, but is just like the rest of the world everywhere else? Or maybe they act politely in front of certain people, but are rude to others? Most of us have, and there is probably at least of little of that in ourselves. However, it’s hard to change others, but the best place to start is changing yourself. The best attitude we have (usually the one displayed at church) is the one we should have all the time.

It can be hard, but having different “faces” in different places can cause people to question Christianity. “You act like everyone else,” they might say. “What makes you so good?” We could reply, “I believe in God and I’m a Christian,” but those words are meaningless if they don’t reflect your life. If you go to the same parties, watch the same movies, and say the same things, those around you will think that being a Christian must not really mean anything, since you’re doing the same things as non-Christians. We need to do our best to keep this from becoming the world’s view of Christians. We start by acting in a Godly way.

Now, if you act Godly no matter where you are and profess that you are a Christian, other people will become curious. They’ll want to know more about Christianity, to know more about what makes you you. They may not ask you directly, but the door has been opened, and they might begin to seek God. You can make a change simply by setting a good example, and not having more than one “face”. Although the teens you spend the most time with may not show any signs of interest or change right away, your good attitude has put questions in their heart, and questions need answers.

I challenge you to find your best “face” and wear it all the time. Set a Godly example!



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