The Gift Of Work

As you read the title, your thoughts are most likely, “The gift of work?! Since when has work been a gift?!?!” And I can completely relate to that point of view. And yet, there are so many ways that work can be a gift that we often overlook.

1. Work can be a gift simply because we have the ability to work. There are many handicapped people who would probably happily work the rest of their lives if whatever was disabling them was cured.

2. Just think, if we didn’t work, how would we support ourselves? We couldn’t earn any money, and soon we’d be homeless and begging on the streets.

3. The gift of work allows us to be productive and discover new things that can benefit our daily lives. Think of the light bulb, invented by Thomas Alva Edison. Can you imagine walking into a room and not being able to flip a switch to provide light? You would have to light a candle, which is a fire hazard. Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” In other words, 1% was creativity; 99% was work!!!

These are only three examples of how work can benefit not only our daily lives, but the world. So don’t mope around when it’s time to do the chores, go to school, or anything else you consider work. Praise God for the gift of work!


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