The Importance Of Prayer

Believe it or not, there’s more to prayer than saying “I thank you God for my daily bread” or whatever you pray before meals. Prayer is an incredible gift God has given to us that allows us to communicate with Him. We can pray when we want to give thanksgiving, when we need to make a request, or simply when it’s God-and-me time. We should set aside some time every day to talk with Him, whether it’s for five minutes or an hour.

Prayer doesn’t necessarily involve bowing our heads, closing our eyes, and folding our hands. Bowing our heads is a sign of reverence and respect; folding our hands is mostly so children won’t disturb each other; and closing our eyes is a little of both. However, we can pray anytime. Imagine driving a  car and having the sudden urge to pray. You definitely don’t want to do those three things! It is still a prayer even if your eyes are open. So if you just feel like having a friendly chat with God, that’s okay! In fact, I encourage it. I challenge you to create a special God-and-me time every day.



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