Growing In Christ

From the moment your mom gave birth to you, you began to grow. Although you probably couldn’t visually see it, you have always been growing; both physically and mentally. Now, when we get saved, we say we are “born again”. So once we are born again, we begin to grow again, only in a different type of way. This time, we grow in Christ.

Unlike regular growth, spiritual growth never stops. There is no point here on earth when you are officially “grown up”. We haven’t reached our feel spiritual maturity until we go to heaven. Not until then are we “fully grown”. Isn’t it awesome that we can continue to grow in Christ, that there’s always something new to discover?

Another thing about re-birth: you can be re-born at any point in your life. Whether you’re five or ninety-five, God wants you to join His family! Isn’t that great?!

So keep growing in Christ! Though we’re just teens for a short period of time, we’re spiritual “teenagers” for our entire life, learning more about God and His marvelous creation.



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