I’m Going To Procrastinate…Tomorrow

Procrastination. It’s a horrible habit, and one that’s terribly easy to fall into. And like any bad habit, there’s only one thing to do: break it!

There are always signs when we’re about to fall into the trap of procrastination. We say or think, “Oh, I can do that later” or “I don’t need to do that till tomorrow”. Anything that sounds the least bit like that…stop! Usually, when I procrastinate, I end up wishing I hadn’t. Why? Well, think to yourself; three or twenty-four hours later, will we want to do that thing anymore than we had three or twenty-four hours before? I highly doubt it. If you’re tempted to procrastinate with something you don’t like doing, do it now!

I challenge you to stop procrastinating. You may find that if you don’t put things off, the tiresome chore/homework/etc. will go by very fast!


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