I know there have been countless times in your life when you didn’t know what God was doing. When you didn’t know why God was letting something happen. And there will be more of those times. We might begin to doubt that God knows what He’s doing. We want to test our wisdom against His, whether we realize we’re doing that or not. We do that by arguing with God, saying that it’s better our way, and that what He’s caused or allowed to happen is wrong. But there’s something we need to understand.

God loves us. He always wants the best for us, and we need to understand that. God is also good. He never does the “wrong thing”. And His wisdom is so great we can’t even begin to understand it. So here we have three things: two that says God always wants what’s best for us, and one that says He knows what’s best for us, more than we can comprehend. We can always trust that He’s doing the right thing for us.

Understanding that God always wants the best for us is very important. We can trust Him, no matter what.


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