Willingness To Help

A few times I’ve played a sort of “game”. My friends and I would write some of the characteristics we appreciated and admired in each other. It wasn’t exactly a game, but it was great to know what my friends thought of me. And, if you were a person who like to reflect, if you thought about it enough, it could become a way for you to see where you fell short. More importantly, it gave you a chance to improve yourself.

I want you to consider something. What would be on the list about you?

Now that you’ve thought about it, what is your list? Maybe there are some things like “honest” or “smart” or “funny”. It can be hard to do this about yourself. Maybe you wouldn’t write down some things your friends might see in you, or you might throw in some things that people might not agree with. Who knows? Either way, I want you to examine your list. Do you see something along the lines of “willingness to help”? (I know you saw this coming!). If you do, congratulations! Having a willingness to help is a great virtue. It’s a great step of putting others before yourself.

Of course, there’s the other option. Maybe you never considered that describing you. It could be the case that you are always helpful and half the time don’t even realize you’re doing someone a favor–just being yourself, right? But there is a chance that helping others is just not something you’re used to doing. But here’s the fact: helping others is the God-thing to do. In other words, it’s kind of one of those “what would Jesus do?” things.

But there’s more to this than just helping. What if we’re reluctant, or grumpy, or disrespectful about it? Then we’re completely losing the point! There’s a reason I phrased it as I did. I didn’t say “helpful”, I said, “willingness to help”. We have to be willing and cheerful about helping others.

“Willingness to help” is a trait to be proud of. With a little work, a little effort, and a whole lot of love, you can become that kind of person.



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