Beauty, Inside and Out

When it comes to beauty, what do we think of ourselves? For girls, beauty is constantly on our minds. Straightening/curling our hair, putting makeup on, choosing the right outfit…all that. As for guys, I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what this has to do with you, if you even bothered to read a post with “beauty” in the title. (a big thumbs up if you read it anyway!). But there’s more to beauty than what you see on the outside. Far too often, we tend to forget about inner beauty.

The sad truth is that most of us, guys included, are more focused on and concerned with out outward appearance than our inner beauty. We may not think it matters, but it does. This is not one of those cases where, “even if nobody knows about it, God does!” God knows about everything, although people don’t. However, if we neglect our inner beauty, people will notice. Just as our inner beauty will shine through, our not-so-beautiful inner-self with shine through as well.

The solution to fixing our inner beauty isn’t applying “makeup”. Even though we may appear better, all we are really doing is hiding who we really are. We are getting rid of the problem.

Our inner beauty mostly represents our attitude. It can be difficult to improve it, but you know what? Even though it can be tough at times, God can help you! And, to you girls, it’s okay to pray to Him about any outer-beauty problems you might have, too. 😉 God listens!



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