The Gift Of Learning

I’ve made one other “The Gift Of…” post before: The Gift Of Work. Work and learning are two of the most common things you hear people complaining about. Not wanting to go to work, not wanting to do chores, not wanting to go to school…we hear it all the time. And yet, like work, we need to understand that learning is a gift.

When we think of learning, the first thing that usually pops into our minds is school. It makes sense, because that is the purpose of school; to learn! But there are other places that we learn as well. We learn at home. When we do chores, we’re learning basic skills of things we’ll have to do when we leave home. But there’s another thing to learn that is very important.

The Bible. It reveals so much to us! If you read your Bible daily, do you realize that you’re learning? Maybe you feel you aren’t getting anything out of it. Try praying to God. Tell him you want to learn more about Him; ask Him to reveal himself to you! God loves it when we ask Him to do this. He wants us to want to learn more about Him! So when we really want to know Him, when we are really searching, He will reveal Himself to you. You can count on it!


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