Does God Understand?

Sometimes we get an idea into our heads. We think that maybe God doesn’t understand. I mean, He is God, after all. Does He understand or even care about the trial and temptations I have to face in my daily life?

Feeling this way is a problem though. It pulls us away from God a little, because we have the feeling he doesn’t care/understand, which is as far from the truth as you can get! But to get rid of this feeling, we need to understand how God does understand.

Christianity is categorized as religion. However, we Christians categorize it differently; we call it a relationship. Because that’s what it is! It’s us having a relationship with God, our heavenly Father. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

The reason we can have this relationship with God is because of Jesus. Jesus is “the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6 (NIV). Jesus provided a way (the only way) for us to connect with God. Without Him, that would have been impossible.

Jesus is also the reason that God can understand our trials, our temptations, our joys, our sorrow…everything we go through in everyday life. That’s because Jesus lived that life! When Jesus was here on earth, He wasn’t exempt from everything we had to go through. No way! In fact, a good example is found in Mark 1:12-13 (NIV). This is the shortest version of the story in all of the Gospels, but it’s still the same. It says that Jesus fasted for forty days and nights in the desert. Can you believe that?! First off, He endured the extremes of the desert: hot during the day, and cold at night. Then, of course, there was fasting. If we go a day without food, we’d be pretty hungry, right? Can you imagine forty days? And to top it all off, Satan came along and started tempting him with things like food (which must have been horribly tempting at the time!) and power. This is just one example of how Jesus (which is God, because of the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit) went through as much as we do, and probably more! We don’t have to worry about fasting for forty days or being crucified.

But to sum it all up, I’ll just say this: When you’re going through tough times, God understands. You can go to Him, talk to Him. Grow closer in your relationship with Him.



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