Teaching Each Other

For this post, I would like you to imagine that all your friends are just like you. I don’t mean in looks and such, but in things like personality and interests. Now, this may sound great at first. No more arguing because you like one singer and your BF can’t stand to listen to his music. No more having to compromise because you want to do one thing and your friend would rather do something else. But when we look a little deeper into this, we find that, eventually, this may become a little boring. Why? Read on.

Have you ever had an experience in which your friend introduced you to a new hobby? Maybe, because of your friend, you started crocheting, play basketball, singing, or skateboarding. And while there are instances where are friends can teach us improper things, but that is a direct result of choosing the wrong friends, which we aren’t going to focus on right now. What I would like to focus on is this:

Let’s say you play football. You don’t play basketball, you’ve never consider playing basketball–really, you’ve never actually thought about doing another sport as well as football. Let’s add to this little story the scenario I began in the beginning of the post. Because your friend has the exact same interests as you, it means that he also only plays football and has never considered playing basketball. So, as a result of this, chances are you will never play basketball. You will never find out if you excel at it or if you enjoy it. Instead, you’ll stay in the place you are. It’s a rut, really. Even if you’re the best on the team in football, or the top of the class in piano, or whatever else you do, you’re in a rut. And it’s your friend’s job to get you out of this rut. They introduce new ideas to you. They say, “Hey, I was watching my brother play basketball the other day, and you know what? I think you’d be really good at it.” This encouragement, this suggestion from a friend can lead you to discover new things. To get out of the rut.

This needs to work the other way around too. You can’t expect to having amazing friends who are encouraging, motivated, and happy to help others; it’s important for you to have the same attitude. Be a blessing to your friends; teach and up-lift them. True friendship, just like so many other things I have and am going to discuss, cannot be complete without this.



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