Friends: Here, There, and Everywhere

As I begin the next post in The Friendship Series, I would like to clarify my title. I suppose that “Friends: Here, There, and Everywhere” gives you the impression that I’m saying we should make friends all over the world. Well, you should–consider having a pen-pal! And yet, that is not the main focus of this post. I would like to focus on having friends of all types, which does include having friends from all over. I can see that my title is suddenly appearing misleading. However, I would like to see it like this: There are many “spectrums” when it comes to friendship. Think of the personality spectrum. As a limited example, a friend “here” on the personality spectrum is shy, and a friend “there” is very outgoing. A friend that’s “everywhere” is a little bit of both. Get it? I hope so, because this is where we dive in!

Think of a few spectrums of your own. They may be a little more specific than the “personality spectrum”. Then picture one of your friends, and place them somewhere on the spectrum. Then think of another friend, and then (you guessed it!) another. For fun, you can draw a spectrum so you can visualize it. Take a look at where your friends land on the spectrum. If you’ve done enough, you may have a few clusters of friends with similar characteristics, but you’ll also most likely find that you have friends scattered all over it. Is this good or bad?

It’s usually a good thing. There’s nothing better than to have friends with diverse backgrounds, tastes, experiences, and personalities. This is a good way to build each other up, like I said in my post Teaching Each Other. It may not be that way, though. Let’s say you have a “Christian attitude spectrum”. Where do your friends go on it? I hope they’re mostly clustered at the top (which, on my imaginary spectrum, I’ve labeled “good Christian attitudes”). If you have a few friends on the opposite side, though, take care. This is a good opportunity to share the Gospel and be a good influence on those who don’t have good Christian attitudes. Unfortunately, they can (and will) also be an influence on you, deteriorating your resolve to lead a Godly life. Doesn’t sound too good, does it?

If “here, there, and everywhere” doesn’t describe where your friends land on the spectrum, be open to new friendships, new possibilities! This is also something that needs to be handled with wisdom, though, as I mentioned above. Friends can have a bad influence on you. If you have a “kindness spectrum”, I’d prefer to have my friends clustered on the “kind” rather than the “rude” side. These are exceptions. It’s up to you and God to work together and find the friendships that will enrich your life.


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6 thoughts on “Friends: Here, There, and Everywhere

  1. I’m new to WordPress and haven’t yet found many blogs that I like to read, but I love yours- specifiically The Friendship Series!

    I started a blog yesterday and was unsure about what/how to write without offending anyone, but you have showed me that you don’t have to tip-toe around other people here. You write about things that matter to you and how you feel about them, like it or not. And I do! Great job!

    I’d love for you to check my blog out, if you have time!


    • Hi Chelbi, I’m so glad you like my blog! Well, I’m talking about something I’m passionate about: God, His love for us, Christianity…if I worry about offending someone, I’m never going to get anywhere! I’m not saying I don’t try to be nice (I do!) 😉 but I think the point of having a blog is to share your thoughts, and not write things that are defined by the world around us rather than yourself. I’ll be sure to take a look at your blog. See you around!
      In Christ,


  2. This is really something i needed to hear. I think i tend to enclose myself in my same group of friends. Which it isn’t bad to have your own group of friends, but i understand that by doing that i close myself off to other amazing relationships i could have.
    I read a book by Rob Bell and he had this phrase: “when they become we”
    it was the idea that “they” you know, ‘those people’ are still human beings just like us, no matter how different we, as human beings, may be. They become we because we all have a level of humanity that we relate to, and everyone is equally important in God’s eyes.
    Thanks for the words of wisdom !


    • Hi urstrulie! I’m glad it was a helpful post. I totally agree; it’s great to have a close group of friends. However, when you start shutting other people out of that group and ignoring possible friendships (even unintentionally), this brings about more harm than good.
      What book is that? It’s an interesting statement. And very true that one person has no more value than another in God’s eyes.
      Always glad to help. 🙂 God bless you!


        • I’ve never heard of it before, urstrulie, but from the title it doesn’t seem like the most appropriate book… I have also heard some varied comments on Rob Bell. Either way, it is up to the reader to decide what to read and whether or not she agrees with what it being said.
          God bless,


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