Words Of Encouragement

There are so many ways that words can ruin or damage a friendship, some of which you have probably experienced yourself. Words are a powerful tool–or a weapon. We need to use our words wisely and build our friends up, rather than tearing them down.

I want you to picture a family. A mom, a  dad, and two teenage kids. Everyone in the house resolves not to criticize each other or any other person that comes into their home, but instead to be encouraging and uplifting in their words. It’s a tough resolution, but they stick by it, and they are all rewarded as a result.

It would be difficult–impossible, really. No one’s perfect. But the point is, we can try. Just because we can’t do it perfectly doesn’t mean we can’t do it at all; how far do you think you would get in life if you had that mindset? Probably nowhere, literally! When things are worth doing, there are times when we need to get over the fact that we will not be able to do it perfectly, and this is one of those cases.

I’m not saying it won’t be hard, either; it will at times. But sometimes it will be surprisingly easy. When you see your friend coming toward you, put on a smile and say something that will lift his spirits. You don’t have to lie or anything–very rarely will you come across a person that you have to tell a falsehood in order to be an encouragement. Be truthful, honest, and kind, and your friends will appreciate it.



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