Out Of This World

What would you describe as out of this world? Maybe the concert you went to the week before, the football game you won last night, or the new outfit you just bought (on sale, too!). All of these things may seem very cool and exciting, but we soon come to this realization: Soon there will be another concert with other big names. There will be another football game to win, and your new outfit will go out of style before the heat of summer. The things of this world fade–very, very quickly. No matter how out of this world they seem, they are terrestrial.

My point is this: The very thing that is out of this world is sitting right under our noses.

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.

That was Philippians 3:20. Are you starting to get what I’m saying? We are out of this world. It’s hard to grasp, but as Christians, we don’t belong here. As Paul said, our citizenship is in heaven.

Teenagers spend a lot of time trying to fit in. Have you ever noticed that? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fit in as well. But here’s the thing: We shouldn’t fit in–period. If you’re standing out from the crowd, I say praise the Lord! As Christians, it’s our duty not to fit in. We should be setting an example for the world, not following the world’s standards (which are incredibly low).

So don’t get too caught up with trying to fit in. We’re just travelers that are passing through. Our eternal home is in heaven with God. When life gets you down, this is really encouraging to remember. And here’s a challenge: Don’t be afraid to encourage others on your way through this world. You may not realize it, but you’ll make a big difference.


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