Are You A Peacemaker?

Like I said in the title, are you a peacemaker? My dad’s blog, The Peacemaker Path, has some good, informative posts on the Beatitudes and other subjects. And I like that he chose “peacemaker” to be in the title, because, while all the Beatitudes are equally important, I particularly like this one. Who is a peacemaker? Someone who intercedes for others, who unites people, who sacrifices themselves for the benefit of those around them…a peacemaker is many things. So, what do the Beatitudes have to say about this? Let’s take a look at Matthew 5:9.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

This is pretty cool…peacemakers are called sons of God! It’s amazing to think about, if you take a moment.

So back to the main question: Would you call yourself a peacemaker? Being a peacemaker isn’t something to do every now and then. It’s a constant thing; not only interceding for others, among other things, but also keeping our temper and taking the time to help others.

I don’t think “peacemaker” can be defined simply. It can be a lot of things. But if you’re following God with all your heart and looking to serve others, I would definitely call you a peacemaker.


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